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Well who would have thunk it?

That the Relfster (the Chairman, Secretary and life President of the National Cat Society) would ever appear in a video about DOGS.

I thought it must be a spoof video for a start.  He doesn’t mention cats once.

But on closer inspection, it’s definitely him.  

You might even want to watch it.  It’s a wet Sunday in Winter.  There’s a recession on.  Tesco isn’t open yet.  Our life expectancy is greater than any generation that lived before us.  Let’s face it, five minutes has never been less precious than it is at the moment. 

The video has been very well received by the critics.

I have copied this excerpt from Charles Spencer’s review in the Telegraph

“…in what is perhaps the defining role of his career, Relf delivers a virtuoso performance in this moving story about dark dealings in the World of our canine brethren.  Relf is mesmerising on the screen.  The words are pure poetry of course, (Relf wrote and directed the film) but it is his sublime delivery that elevates them to perfection.  His voice rises and falls with such majesty that it puts one in mind of waves crashing against a rock in shimmering moonlight. Relf’s trademark, those unmistakably fruity vowels, stir the soul.  The diction is so musical it makes Stephen Fry sound like Arthur Mullard…  

…The tension in the performance is thrilling.  The immaculately-judged pauses, mid-sentence, create such anticipation that you fear they may never end.  Each time Relf resumes his oratory, the sense of relief is satiating and delicious…

…Relf is a unique screen presence, I cannot recall ever having seen another performer whom the camera holds in such esteem.  His movements are deft and precise, they bring to mind Nureyev in his prime.  I have never seen arms move with such syncronicity, expression or sincerity.  He is like Simon Rattle conducting the orchestral sound of his own voice.

…finest perfomance since Olivier’s Richard III…

It is unsuprising that Relf is receiving such plaudits for this film. Already there is talk of offers from Hollywood…”


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