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Perth Bull Sales 2012: Aberdeen

Neil A Wattie Esq’s Tonley Edwardo (lot 260) goes for 2,500gns.

Kenneth G Howie’s Cairnton Evolution (lot 261) goes for 3,500gns.

Playfair Farms’ Tofts Prognostix (lot 262) goes unsold at 2,400gns.

Messrs W & E I Brown’s Drumdow Pioneer (lot 263) goes for 3,000gns.

Gordon R Brooke’s Linton Gilbertines Quinlan (lot 264) goes for 3,000gns.

David Walker Esq’s Galcantry Mr Black (lot 265) unsold at 2,500gns.

Neil A Wattie Esq’s Tonley Petrov (lot 266) goes for 8,200gns.

Martin R McCornick Esq’s McCornick Blumenthal (lot 268) unsold.

Robert Galloway’s Cardona Everest (lot 272) goes for 4,000gns.

A Clark & Sons’ Duncanziemere Evasion (lot 273) sells for 5,500gns.

Neil A Wattie Esq’s Tonley Elano (lot 274) goes for 6,000gns.

Mr Alex and Mrs Philippa Davie’s Perkhill Kind Prince (lot 275) sells to Mr Fowlie, Aberdeenshire, for 2,500gns.

Mrs Lena M Forbes’ Lochdhu Enzo (lot 277) goes for 3,000gns.

Dinar Estate Management Ltd’s Fordel Enforcer (lot 279) goes for 3,000gns.

Messrs W & R Dunlop’s Auchengray Eustace (lot 282) unsold.

Neil A Wattie Esq’s Tonley Palacios (lot 283) goes for 5,000gns to a buyer in 
Northern Ireland.

Fordel Effective (lot 284) from Dinar Estate Management Ltd goes for 4,300gns.

Another one from the Fordel herd, Fordel Power (lot 285) goes for 5,000gns.

Messrs T H Brewis’ Eastfield Black Buddy (lot 286) goes for 10,000gns.

Ballathie Estate’s Ballathie Eric (lot 287) unsold.

A K Stoddart (farms) Ltd’s Crichton Powerhouse (lot 288) unsold.

Messrs C & E McCombie’s Auchincrieve Black Billy (lot 289) sells for 2,900gns to Mr Fowlie.

Mrs Patricia Glennie’s Threeburnford Nestor (lot 291) sells for 3,500gns to Longford Farms.

Messrs J & W Arnott’s Haymount Willinger (lot 292) goes for 11,000gns.

Messrs Graham’s Carruthers Elboy (lot 293) sells for 3,000gns.

Ewen Campbell’s Kilmallie Kirwan (lot 294) unsold.  

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