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Milk with a sugar cube please


Tea may well be the official drink of Britain – but I’ve never heard of animals drinking it before.

Then I heard about Sydney, a 10-year-old horse who enjoys nothing more than a good cup of char.

Owner Nikkie Wheetman from Diss decided the horse liked the drink so much she’d name him after one of the famous Tetley Tea Folk.

“He first drank it when he went to get shoed and started slurping the farrier’s tea – and has loved it ever since,” says Nicki.

“Before equestrian shows, the café owner brings him some tea with my order. It’s like his pre-show ritual,” says Nikkie.

Sydney’s tea drinking habit appears to be contagious as he has influenced two other Tetley fans that live at the farm – puppies Bella and Monty.

Adele Henkes from Tetley says: “We think Sydney is brilliant and like to think of him as our new Tea Folk mascot – it just goes to show you never know where you might find new fans.”

Last seen on the small screen back in 2000, The Tetley Tea Folk were brought out of retirement in a bid to inspire a new generation.


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Tim Relf


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