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Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race

No that’s not a typo. I did mean goat race.

In just four days’ time (26 March) Spitalfields City Farm is playing host to the third annual Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race.

It takes place on exactly the same date, at exactly the same time as the famous university boat race, but with a couple of key differences. Namely less water and more goats.


Here’s how it works. One goat named Oxford (real name Bentley) and one named Cambridge (real name Bramble), tear around a cobbled track. The one that makes it round first wins, and gets to gloat at the losing goat in the winner’s parade.

Not ones to miss out on a good pun, the Spitalfields City Farm folk will also be running a ‘Nice Butt Contest’, a ‘How Low Can You Goat’ competition and a breakaway ‘Oxford & Cambridge Stoat Race’

Last years event attracted around 1000 revelers – just a few short of the 250,000 spectators who line the banks of the river Thames for the ‘real’ event. So if you want go make sure you book your place online, or you might goat home disappointed.



Rachel Jones


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