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10 ways to celebrate Apple Day

Shame on me – I’ve only just noticed that it’s national apple day.

The only apples that have stolen the headlines recently have been of the Steve Jobs variety, but there’s still time to do your bit for the quintessential British fruit. Why don’t you…

  • Sneak out after dark and indulge in the old night-time sport of ‘scrumping’  (stealing apples from the tree)

  • Make a list of British apple varieties with enchanting names. I’ll start you off with the Barnack Beauty, Nutmeg Pippin and, my personal favourite, the Knobby Russet

  • Fill up a bucket with water and go apple bobbing

  • Set up a cider making enterprise in your garage/shed/barn/bedroom. Or if this sounds a tad labour intensive for a Friday afternoon then…

  • …go to your local and buy a pint of cider

  • Read David Bellamy’s apple day celebration on the Huffington Post

  • Send a tweet using the hashtag #nationalappleday

  • Bake an apple pie for a loved one

  • Bake an apple pie for yourself

  • Ponder the scenario that caused these three retro lovelies to pose with a basket of apples in a 1958 edition of the Daily Mail:


(Picture credit: Daily Mail/Rex Features)

However you choose to celebrate – have a very happy Apple Day.

Rachel Jones


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