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Sarah Spofforth McOuat’s striking textured paintings really capture the spirit of her animal subjects.

Many of the residents of her mixed beef and sheep farm in Dunblane have modelled for her and produced some stunning portraits.

Hamish, who lives in the neighbouring farm, is “the Kate Moss of the Highland cow world,” according to 33-year-old Sarah. “He always looks good even on a bad hair day.”

Sarah researches ideas for new paintings by walking around the farm on the look out for an interesting face and soulful eyes.

“If I see a really nice cow, I will stop and take photographs of it. Highland cows are great because they have so much expression, but I’m also working on paintings of a really whiskery pig with lots of personality and a depressed-looking hare who looks like he needs cheering up.

“I’ve been told that my animal paintings put a smile on people’s faces and that they can see right into their souls through their eyes.”

She started from humble beginnings – the corner of the cow shed – but now has a studio on the 400 acre Scottish farm she lives on with her famer husband Tom and their two sons, Jamie and Archie.

Her work has sold as far afield as Australia, Spain and Egypt and even hangs in a local castle.

Under the name McSpoff-Art, Sarah specialises in personalised large-scale artwork and regularly gets commissions for people’s pets.


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