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Big up the kids who wanna be farmers

Farming has found an unexpected champion in none other than East London grime MC Tempa T.

This tongue in cheek video sees Tempa T bid for the role of London mayor, using city farms as a part of his ‘manifesto’.

“Big up the kids who wanna be farmers,” he tells the camera, “who have to go to the middle of nowhere where there’s no streetlights and where you have to walk for miles to find a Sainsbury’s local.”

He calls for city farms to be “embraced and celebrated”, before signing off with some inspirational words for young urban people:  ”You can be anything kids – even a farmer in London.”

Watch the city rapper feeding a horse and having a face-off with a llama. Braappp.


Thanks to Nottingham agric Callum Weir for sending me the link.

Rachel Jones


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