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Otter spotters go hi-tech

Otters have been spotted for the 19th year running at Lark Rise Farm in Cambridgeshire – great news considering they were on the edge of extinction in this country in 1993.

But forget the age-old methods of tracking of otter footprints or droppings, this year’s evidence came from hi-tech, motion sensitive, night-time cameras.

otter at night.jpg

Otters returned to the Bourn Brook in Cambridgeshire in 1993 after a break of thirty years, and their return triggered the birth of the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) which now owns about three miles of the Bourn Brook, and adjoining meadows.

Chairman of the CRT Robin Page said: “The pictures are brilliant – confirming that otters are still doing well in the Cam valley and its tributaries. With the help of the camera, we have pictorial evidence of  the continued presence of otters – brilliant”.

otter at night2.jpg 

Dr Vince Lea the CRT Wildlife Co-ordinator said:” The photographs are excellent confirmation of what we knew already – that otters are still regular visitors to the Bourn Brook. From the photographic evidence and signs of scenting it looks like confirming the presence of a male and female otter. It is amazing that such large animals (about 10kg – 22lbs) should regularly visit such a small brook. It is good news – let’s hope they breed”.

Rachel Jones


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