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Cowzat! Dairy cow grazes cricket ground

Old Trafford cricket ground has bought its own dairy Shorthorn cow to graze the outfield and supply milk for the ground’s hospitality area.

Aptly named ’Cowzat’, the dairy Shorthorn is not only keeping the pitch trimmed, she is also earning her keep by supplying milk for delegates’ tea and coffee, and cream for the catering team to make desserts. The groundsmen will also be using Cowzat’s manure for the upkeep of the pitch and herb gardens.

Here are a couple of shots of the fine looking creature in her new home:



Ok I really wanted this to be true, but turns out it’s actually a crafty April Fools Day prank dreamt up by Lancashire County Cricket Club’s conference and events venue, The Point

Ten out of ten from Farmers Weekly for the agriculture theme.

Rachel Jones


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