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Great Outdoors – 1, Video Games – nil

Video games will come and go, but good old mother nature is much less fickle.

A new survey commissioned by Arla Foods has revealed that cash-strapped parents are going back to the countryside to entertain the kids, instead of spending big bucks on things like toys, games, DVDs and cinema trips.

44% of school-age kids are spending up to three more hours outdoors every week than they were two years ago.

That’s three less hours in front of the TV or computer, and three more hours tearing about parks, green spaces and the seaside.

“Families are realising that fresh air costs nothing,” explained writer and researcher Tim Gill. “Getting under the open sky – whether in a local park or the great British countryside – is the perfect way for kids to explore, have adventures and feed their curiosity and imagination.”

If the numbers stack up, it sounds like a big opportunity for farmers. 



Rachel Jones


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