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Tom Thumb the 915gram lamb

At the start of lambing I blogged about The Hulk – a monster 11 kilo lamb born in Worcestershire.

Well Worcestershire might have the trophy for biggest lamb sewn up, but East Sussex is surely a contender for the smallest, thanks to the arrival of this tiny creature…


The Tom Thumb-sized lamb (or it could be Thumbelina, I’m not sure what sex it is) was born at the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre in East Dean.

“Our Soay ram got pink eye just before he went in with the Soay ewes and wouldn’t serve them so we used a Southdown ram instead,” explained farmer Terry Wigmore.

“All the other lambs born to the Soay’s were a good size, 2 to 2.5kg but this one was only  915g.”

I’m glad to see Terry is getting the little ‘un off to a good start in life, at least where reading material is concerned… 


Seen a smaller birthweight during lambing? Email with the details.

Rachel Jones


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