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New dress code for the mart

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Caroline Harriott got in touch to tell us about a novel method of fundraising.

She and hubby, David, held a fancy dress party recently to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Rather than getting presents, they asked people to make donations to the local Chestnut Tree Hospice and the Elizabeth Foundation pre-school for deaf children.

“One friend promised £200 for the charities if David wore a red gingham dress to the event. A reluctant David agreed, but on the night asked for more donations before the blonde wig and frock were donned,” she says.

“The generosity was amazing and David took on a whole new look.

“This was not the conclusion as a local farmer said he would donate £500 if David wore the dress to Hailsham Market in Sussex on the Wednesday.

“Even more reluctantly, the red dress was unveiled at Hailham and David was nicknamed Brenda.”

The outcome was £5000 divided between the two charities – so well done Caroline and Harriott (and Brenda)!

Tim Relf


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