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PICTURE: Hulk the 11kilo lamb revisited

Remember The Hulk? The giant lamb that weighed in at 11kilos at birth?

Well I got in touch with the Worcestershire farm to find out what The Hulk’s progress was like after the inital few days. Did he grow faster than the rest of the flock? Did he reach an huge size for market?

“The Hulk did grow very fast, he was ready for market at 10 weeks old,” explained Katie Brian, who was there at the birth.

“He always stood out in the field as he was much bigger than the other lambs. I dont think his growth was fast, he just had a massive headstart on the other lambs.”

Here is the last photo Katie took of him.


Only time will tell if lambing in 2013 yields a bigger beast than the Hulk. And if it does, what on earth will they call it?
Rachel Jones


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