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PICTURE: Massey Ferguson swamp rescue

Thanks to reader Rachel V Thompson who emailed us with a story and photos of her recent harvest disaster. Sometimes it feels like if something can go wrong, it does go wrong. But reading stories like this at least reassure you that you’re not alone!

“Our bank holiday weekend turned into a rather farcical series of disasters when attempting to cut our four acres of grass at our home in the Limousin, France,” wrote Rachel.

“We have several natural springs on our land, and, despite having a stream and many land drains which cut through the land, we have something of a swamp to contend with. Many attempts to cut this grass have resulted in many lost wellies and a couple of broken flail mowers.

Last Friday saw another flail mower succumb to the strain of the very long grass, but after replacing the belts we had lift-off once again… until accidentally driving our Massey Ferguson into the swamp! One wheel was quasi-submerged in the marshy mud, showing no signs of budging.

After much panic and running around, with the tractor sinking even further into the mud, we called upon our farmer neighbours. Thankfully, being in cattle country we see more tractors than we do cars. Here’s our initial endeavour to retrieve our tractor:


Unfortunately this farmer’s MF wasn’t up to the job, and we had to call on another farmer neighbour’s MF 1455 XL which plucked us out in no time, much to the delight of the sizeable crowd which had gathered.

We did succeed in mowing our rather unruly grass, but shan’t be venturing to the swamp any time soon. We now have our work cut out baking cakes as a thank you to our wonderful cattle farmer neighbours.”

Rachel Jones


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