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Rembrandt-inspired lamb


The ‘Lamb series’ is a project of contemporary photographs by Bart Pajak, inspired by 17th century Dutch painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The pictures use the same warm sculptural light as these artists which “has created strong, rich images which give the lambs the same sense of nobility and poise found in works of classical painting.

“The resultant work has,” says The Horsebox Gallery, “become both an homage and parody created by the combination of a style so firmly rooted in the western canon and an unexpected and normally overlooked subject.”

Each photograph in the Lamb Series is available framed for £480.

Bart, who was born in Poland in 1986 and graduated from Middlesex Univeristy in 2012, 

has also worked with turkeys and plans to photograph cows as well…

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Tim Relf


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