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Is this the oldest dairy cow in Britain?

Cheshire dairy farmer Jonathan Gleave has just retired a 20-year-old dairy cow, which he believes could be one of the oldest dairy cows in Britain.

Mr Gleave bought ‘number 37′ as a heifer and has been milking her at Heywood Farm in Audlem, Cheshire ever since.

Over 18-19 years of milk production she has had 15 calves, produced 127,000 litres of milk and earned the farm about £21,000. She’s now been dried off and is living out her days on the farm.

“She still comes in and out at milking,” said Mr Gleave, who admits that this particular old lady is a bit of a special case.

“She’s done me a good job so she’s spending her retirement in the place she’s used to, which I think is the right thing to do.”

Number 37, which Mr Gleave thinks is “a bit more Holstein than British Friesian”, will turn 21 in September.

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