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Sheepdog rescued from well


A gutsy sheepdog called Scottie has been rescued from a well by a firefighter who’s got two of his pups.

The arthritis-stricken 11-year-old border collie managed to tread water for almost an hour in the 33ft well before being pulled out by fireman Matt Kerry.

Scottie fell after the well been opened by workmen repairing the water supply at Beach Farm near Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Heidi Crick, who runs the mixed farm with husband Tim, said: “Scottie is such a friendly dog that he went over to say hello to the workmen and ended up in the well. I could hear him howling down there. It was horrible to hear. I really thought we were going to lose him.”

She added: “We threw some containers down so perhaps he could get on them. But somehow he ended up treading water for about 50 minutes even though he has bad arthritis – he’s such a brave boy.”


Firefighters from Lowestoft dashed to the farm after the Cricks raised the alarm and used their special water and height rescue training for the first time, along with monitoring oxygen levels to ensure crew and animal safety.

Matt plunged down into the well, put a harness around the rapidly-weakening collie before they were pulled up together and the freezing pet warmed up and fed.

It was a particularly poignant rescue for the 999 crewman’s as he worked on the farm himself three years ago and has two of Scottie’s brood as pets, Poppy, six, and Monty, five.

Matt said: “I’m so thrilled that I could help rescue Scottie. He’s such an amazing dog as he managed to tread water for so long despite his age.

Apparently Scottie was really cold and shaking afterwards, but soon recovered and was rounding up sheep a few hours after the incident…


Words/Pictures: Archant Syndication

Tim Relf


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