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Time savings during spraying. High yields. Less hassle. Sound interesting? Then Intelligent Farming could be for you. A Syngenta initiative, it’s designed to help boost the efficiency of arable farming – based on product benefits plus application advice. Follow these Farmers Weekly Academies to find out how it can help. Come to the Syngenta stand at Cereals to hear more.

Proven strobilurin greening benefits, systemic protection against yellow and brown rust plus chlorothalonil built-in for Septoria tritici protection. All make Amistar Opti a truly broad-spectrum solution at T2, in wheat.

For fast and reliable wild oat control, Axial is suitable for use in 100litre/ha spray volumes and through Amistar nozzles – for improved work rates with less drift.

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AMISTAR (MAPP 10443) contains azoxystrobin, AMISTAR OPTI (MAPP 12515) contains azoxystrobin and chlorothalonil, AXIAL (MAPP 12521) contains pinoxaden.

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.


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