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Auction lamb prices increased by almost 2.5p/kg in the week to 3 November as throughputs fell by 3.5% to 109,506 head.

The overall average price rose to 142.58p/kg while the SQQ also increased, up by 2.68% to average 145.87p/kg.

Deadweight lamb prices fell marginally overall, down 0.2p/kg in the week to 31 October, to average 333.2p/kg, while throughputs increased by 2,524 head to 55,916. However, the R3L average rose by 0.8p/kg to average 335.4p/kg.

Sheepmeat production in 2016 was forecast to remain similar to 2015 levels across the UK and
the rest of the EU, said a report by the AHDB.

In 2015, EU production rose for the first time since 2011, up 3%. “This is almost entirely the result of the increase in the UK and to a lesser extent Italy,” said the report.

UK production had been boosted in 2015 due to a higher carryover of last season’s lambs as well as a good lamb crop this year.

“In 2016, production is forecast to continue to increase but at a slower rate due to another high carry over of lambs at the start of the year and higher ewe slaughterings,” added the report.