Cow being milked© Tim Scrivener

The average UK farmgate milk price in October was 8% below October 2014 levels, according to the latest Defra figures.

However, milk prices increased by 2.6% in October, compared with September values, to average 24.23p/litre.

“This increase is partly affected by bonus payments to some producers,” said the report.

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Monthly milk production in October followed a similar pattern to previous years, with production increasing 3.3% on the month to 1.19m litres, which was a 3.1% increase on October 2014 levels.

“Cumulative production for the milk year to date reached 1.19bn litres – 36m litres above the same time last year.

UK butter prices fell 7% in November to £2,000/t, while skimmed milk powder fell nearly 8% to £1,200/t, said a report by AHDB Dairy.

“This has decreased the value of the actual milk price equivalent by 1.7p/litre to 16.2p/litre.”

Cheddar markets were very quiet in November with little trade, while whey butter and whey powder prices fell 3% and 7%, respectively, resulting in the milk for cheese value equivalent falling 8% to 19.1p/litre.