Pete Mortimore and Anna Simpson are Britain’s Sexiest Farmers.

The two have been given their titles following FW’s search for a man and a woman worthy of this unique accolade.

Pete, from Devon, and Anna, from North Yorkshire, were among 300-plus people nominated in this fun competition launched last October.

“We figured that there’s so much bad news around at the moment that we wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces with a lighthearted competition,” says FW’s Tim Relf.

Peter-Mortimore    anna-simpson

“With some youngsters reluctant to pursue careers in agriculture, we also wanted to dispel some of the myths about farming and show that it’s as much of a fun and sexy business to be in as any other trade or profession!”

The two were named the winners after impressing the FW judges enough to make the initial shortlist plus gaining widespread support from FW readers and the wider voting public.

The contest garnered so much interest, in fact, that there was even some automated computer voting. “I’ve heard of the public trying to influence the result of the elections in Afghanistan – but not a Britain’s Sexiest Farmer competition,” says Tim.

As is appropriate for a farmers’ contest, all 10 who made the initial shortlist will receive a lovely new pair of shiny Dunlop wellies – and the two overall winners will each get £250.

Anna, from North Yorkshire, said: “I love getting stuck in on the farm, but also like to get dolled up for fun girly nights out with my sisters. I want to show everyone that farming is not just men, muck and wellies, but is much much more!”

According to Pete’s father Lloyd, our male winner epitomises the direction farming needs to go. “No straw hat and smock or deer stalker and tweeds, as is sometimes the public’s perception. The sexy modern farmer is happy, caring, hardworking and honest. Whether working on the farm, captaining Paignton RFC or the centre of a party, he is able to motivate people with humour.”

Tim concludes: “Hopefully there is a serious side to all this in that it’s got agriculture and the countryside talked about loads in papers and on radio stations – so it’s helped give our industry some positive profile.”

Keep an eye on FWi and the Farmlife section of FW on 12 February to find out more about our winners.