“The farming press should be backing Farmers For Action (in taking direct action against the retailers), just as we have asked the NFU to,” writes south east dairy farmer Youleite Parkes.

“We need your support to get it across to every farmer to support FFA chairman David Handley. I was on the south east Politics show a couple of weeks ago and I promised not to slag off the NFU, as it is trying. But as a union it needs to be more forceful and stand up to these supermarkets and dairies, who are getting rich out of farmers’ hard work.

“Milk is one of the most wonderful, versatile and healthy products, which benefits every one of the public, especially children. The government should be promoting it and helping the farmers who produce it.

“Beware, things could go like the pig industry, where we are now getting substandard meat coming into this country from abroad which is not produced to our high standards.”

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