Pig prices have risen above 2010 values for the first time this year, driven by tighter supplies.

The poor weather at the end of 2010 affected productivity at a time of seasonal decline, according to AHDB Meat Services. This has boosted the deadweight average pig price (DAPP) by 3.5p/kg over the past fortnight, to 146.5p/kg – 1.5p/kg above the same week last year. Weaner prices have also risen, by £1 over the past two weeks, to average £45.71 a head.

In April, the DAPP rose by 4% to 141.8p/kg. In contrast, the mean retail price fell by almost 1% over the month, boosting the proportion of the retail price received by producers to 39%. “During April retail prices were similar to last year, while producer prices were 1% lower,” says the AHDB report. Last year, producers were receiving more than 40% of the retail price.

The average producer price for bacon increased by 3% between March and April, while retail prices increased by almost 4%. Retail values for sausages fell by 5% and for boneless legs by 4%, with minced pork (4%) and fillet end leg (3%) both rising.