Bakewell Auction Mart, Derbyshire The Bank Holiday did little to deter trade at Monday’s (7 May) sale, with more than 350 cattle and 1,770 sheep forward. “The majority of regular buyers were in attendance and trade in all departments was highly satisfactory,” said auctioneer Oliver Hiles.

Demand for sheep was very brisk, with best butchers lambs fetching 250-260p/kg and all lambs averaging 232.3p/kg. Hoggs sold up to 210p/kg, with bigger sorts harder to sell and levelling the trade at 191.47p/kg. Cull ewes averaged £83.15, with rams at £96.70.

In the store cattle section, steers sold to £1,270, with heifers up to £1,030 apiece. Calves were in great demand, with many continental breeds exceeding £300. Friesians averaged £105 and Holsteins £85.