Markethill Auction Mart, Armargh

Cattle trade remained very strong at Tuesday’s (24 September) sale, with store cattle prices particularly good. Middleweight steers sold to 241p/kg for a 430kg animal, with main demand from 190 to 213p. Forward steers sold steadily from 200 to 231p, with a top price of £1,580 paid for a 710kg beast. Lightweights sold from 185-241p/kg, with Friesians ranging from 140 to 164p/kg.

Middleweight heifers fetched 190-214p/kg, with lightweights at 190-223p and second quality heifers from 165 to 180p. Store heifers ranged from 200 to 222p/kg – equivalent to £725-£900 a head. In the cull cow ring, females reached a top of 198p/kg, or £1,215 a head. Fleshed Friesians fetched 100-124p, with younger types up to 141p and poorest quality at 60-75p/kg.