Supermarkets have begun a round of milk price increases, starting 1 April, with the best price at 33.5p/litre.

Last week Tesco announced a 1.19p/litre milk price increase for farmers on their cost of production-based contracts with Arla and Wiseman. This brings suppliers in the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group to 32.77p/litre from April.

Sainsbury’s has followed suit this week with its suppliers set to receive 32.05p/litre after a 0.46p/litre increase though Wiseman, Arla and Dairy Crest. This applies to all farmers in the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group and is based on a different criteria.

However, top of the supermarket milk price league table are Marks and Spencer suppliers, who are set to receive 33.5p/litre. This affects roughly 70 farmers supplying M&S.

Elsewhere, former managing director of Milk Link’s cheese business, Carl Ravenhall, has been appointed menaging director of Müller Wiseman Dairies. He starts at the beginning of April.

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