welsh countryside scene© Stuart Black / Robert Harding/REX

The Welsh government is being urged to bring its laws regarding agricultural tenancies into line with those in force in England.

TFA Cymru says it is important the laws are changed in Wales to make sure tenant farmers in Wales are not being disadvantaged.

Dennis Matheson, TFA Cymru chairman, said: “In England we have seen new regulations updating matters relating to end-of-tenancy compensation and repair, maintenance and insurance of fixed equipment. To date, the Welsh government has not produced new regulations for Wales due to a lack of available resources.”

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“It is vital that the Welsh government finds sufficient resources to ensure the proper operation of the legal framework for agricultural tenancies within Wales. It is not acceptable that farm tenants in Wales are operating without the same level of cover as their counterparts in England.”

TFA Cymru claims a recent Supreme Court ruling, which agreed Wales has jurisdiction over the regulation of agricultural wages, proves the Welsh government also has jurisdiction over agricultural tenancies.

The organisation is calling for tenancies to be considered by the partnership group being developed as part of government efforts to develop a strategic framework for Welsh agriculture.

A Welsh government spokesman said: “In recognition of the importance of the agricultural tenanted sector and the particular issues it faces, we have committed to undertake a review in 2016. This is in line with our response to the Next Generation into Farming report.

“The Welsh government will continue to consult closely with the Tenant Farmers Association, local authorities and other industry partners on future policy developments and legislative requirements relating to tenant farmers.”