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January 2012 - Posts - Agric antics in the Toon

January 2012 - Posts

Time to head north!
That time has come again when I attempt to pack up as much as I can into as few suitcases as possible ready to head 500 miles up the road for another term at Newcastle. Now halfway through my second year you’d have thought I would have learned how to pack lightly. One investment I did make this year was another pair of wellies to keep in Newcastle as wearing my wellies when flying home in order to meet baggage restrictions always got some funny looks! Packing to go back to the ‘toon’ involves some essentials including; the warmest clothes I can get my hands on, a box of at least 15 Cornish pasties ready to be frozen and anything I find lying around that looks vaguely like it might come in handy for fancy dress. During my time at Newcastle so far I have dressed up in army gear, as a baby, a pig, a school girl, a zebra, a farmer, a panda, Alice in wonderland, a mum, a turkey, a dead cheerleader and a builder. The night my friends and I dressed as builders was the ‘high-viz’ themed Agric bar crawl. We decked ourselves out in high viz vests, hard hats and tool belts, which came in handy for storing drinks! As always Agric bar crawls are open to everyone, no matter what course you do. That night, however, we were joined by two more ‘mature’ students in the first pub, in the form of two (real) builders, dressed head to toe in high viz gear who had just come in for a quiet pint after work. As everyone in Newcastle knows, there’s no such thing as a quiet pint… In true Geordie style they decided to come with us on the bar crawl and eventually went home at about 3am! I can’t wait to get exams done and get out on the Toon! Happy New Year and thank you for reading my first post : )