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March 2012 - Posts - Agric antics in the Toon

March 2012 - Posts

A change is as good as a rest
After another busy term at Newcastle, with highlights such as field trips (including visits to a pig farm near Driffield and a Jersey farm, plus the university farms), some good rugby matches with the Agric 1s reaching the intra mural final and the usual string of social events including the spring ball, it was time to head home to Cornwall for a rest. This rest was pretty short lived as I started work lambing. This is my third year working for the Highmoor family who farm 1000 breeding ewes near Wadebridge. The Highmoors have a flock of Swaledales, Blue Faced Leicesters and Texels plus mules. The efficiency of the family during this hectic time never ceases to amaze me, with the ewes lambing at over 200% and 2 children to look after I don’t know where they get their energy from. Originally from Yorkshire, working for the Highmoor family provided invaluable experience before heading to uni in Newcastle, not only in sheep farming but also in understanding the Yorkshire accent and sense of humour! So far the Cornish weather has been kind and we have been able to get lambs out in the sunshine. Touch wood lambs have been strong and healthy. Early starts, long days and not exactly smelling of roses means that socialising has taken a back seat which both my liver and bank balance are thankful for! Plus it’s a nice change to come home and work after being in a lecture theatre all term, although as always it is taking me a while to adjust back to the very relaxed pace of life here in Cornwall…