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news, views and comment on rural cooperatives
  • Welcome to news, views and comments from the world of food cooperatives!

    The history of cooperatives shows clearly that this business model has been associated with food production, processing and distribution from it's early start in the UK back in 1844 when the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society was established in Rochdale, England. These pioneers wrote down a set of principles to operate their food cooperative which contributed to their success and spread to other cooperatives around the world. The successful establishment of the cooperative in Rochdale marks the beginning of the modern cooperative era.

    Now cooperatives have spread across the world and continue to be established and grown by their members, customers and community stakeholders all working together in way's that are models of sustainable business development with more than profit benefits to the members and the communities they serve.

    Cooperatives now rank as some of the oldest and largest trading organisations in the world, with many familiar names providing goods and services across all sectors of modern society.

    Through this blog I will endeavour to give you an insight into the world of land based cooperatives, highlighting news and insight into this dynamic way of harnessing human capital in it's widest sense to do business better.

    As we deal collectively with a global economic crisis the cooperative model may well provide many of the solutions required to affordably live within one planets resources in a fair and equitable way for the global society we are now very much a part of.

    Farmers as land and water managers hold the potential to be the backbone of every countries sustainable supplies of food, energy, building materials, packaging and many more everyday items and services we take for granted but increasingly need to insure we are managing for our use today and as a legacy for future generations. 


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