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  • Earthmovers

    The Daily Mail reports that tunnelling badgers have caused huge problems to the safety of school buildings in Somerset. A primary school is under threat of collapse after badgers tunnelled underneath it and shifted 7.5 tonnes of soil. The school, which...
  • More on SAM

    Following the Farmers Weekly report on Defra's new computer system 'SAM', which we posted here, another raft of problems appear to have surfaced. And the backlog of test charts awaiting input (and action), has reportedly increased to 1000...
  • Don't mention the ....

    ... war computer. And in particular, Defra's new toy, SAM. This system was due on stream in July, but three months on is apparently causing havoc. Farmers Weekly reported this snippet last week. (sorry, no online link) Under the strapline 'Computer...
  • 'white coat syndrome'

    .. is a well known cause of blood pressure when patients visit a doctor's surgery; the sight of pristine, dazzling white attire, guaranteed to cause a flutter in most of us. So imagine the reaction of cattle, more used to olive green - be that grass...
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