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Wales YFC AGM - Charity chick's chatter

Charity chick's chatter

RABI's Milly Wastie on her latest exploits...


This weekend I travelled up to Wrexham university to represent NFYFC at the Wales YFC annual general meeting. Having not been to a Wales convention before I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than I knew the proceedings would be on a smaller scale to NFYFC due to the difference in membership numbers.

On the Friday night we were treated to a Baverian themed evening and met up with the other 5 nations representatives. We danced the night away and retired back to our student digs for the night. One thing is for sure is that I could not be a student again! I forgot how small and uncomfortable the accommodation was - or perhaps I'm getting old and enjoy my creature comforts!

Saturday morning brought the annual general meeting where we listened to reports from the national officer team and the retiring chairman Tim John. Enfys Evans from Ceredigion was then proposed as the new Wales YFC Chairperson for 2010- 2011. Tim also presented a cheque to his chosen charity; Kidney Wales Foundation for over £20,000. The 5 nation representatives also had the opportunities to greet the members with news from their federation.

After a short 5 nations meeting we took part in various team building games with other Wales YFC members. It was a great way to get involved with everyone and make new friends. Each team member took part in a challenge to win points for the team. Challenges included 'how many chocolate fingers could you fit in your mouth' 'can you eat 2 doughnuts without licking your lips' and finally a treasure hunt where we had to race to get something before everyone else. Items included 5 pairs of flip flops, a book of stamps, a bra and 3 empty bottles of WKD!!!

That evening we were treated to a lovely meal before attending the Freshers ball. Members had travelled from all over Wales to take part in the weekend and you could see that although Wales YFC are a smaller federation than NFYFC, they come together forming a united front.

It was great to be a part of another federations AGM convention weekend and I hope that I have the opportunity in the future to represent my country once again

Charity Chick x



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