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Championing the Market Cafe - Charity chick's chatter

Charity chick's chatter

RABI's Milly Wastie on her latest exploits...

Championing the Market Cafe

I was at Bakewell Livestock Market on Monday morning representing RABI in conjunction with the Farming life centre based near Buxton. If you have ever been to the market before you will know it is within walking distance of town and so there is always a passing trade of tourists and local people. Being half term week there were bus loads of people offloading in the car parks outside and an ideal opportunity to showcase the wonderful world of British agriculture.

Within the market there are lots of trade stands and stalls offering services from health checks for your animals with the local vet to health checks for yourself with the local outreach nurses. Now I visit livestock markets regularly (mainly within the East Midlands region) and I am always fascinated by them. I love meeting all the local characters and hearing the latest news from the 'farm gate'. The market place is the ideal meeting point for the local farming fraternity who come to not only sell or buy stock but to catch up on what is happening further away than their farm hedgerows.

The market cafe at Bakewell is aptly named the 'Farmers Feast' and you will always find it packed full of hungry country folk tucking into a wholesome full english brekkie - the ideal pitstop after ferrying stock from across the peaks all morning. The cafe is very reasonably prices, service with a smile and only the best produce is used. Mug of tea for a pound and a sausage cob for two - ideal!

Now I would like to know which market cafe would be rated the best. After all I think they provide a fantastic service to the farming community and are the unsung heroes of the livestock market. You are always guaranteed a good feed, the opportunity to have a rest and catch up on the farming gossip. I'm only have opinions on Bakewell, Newark and Thrapston market but would love to know if the service is the same across the country! And maybe we can get them involved in Farmhouse Breakfast week between 23rd and 29th January 2011 

Charity Chick x






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