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January 2011 - Posts - Charity chick's chatter

Charity chick's chatter

RABI's Milly Wastie on her latest exploits...

January 2011 - Posts

Looking forward to the Oxford Farming Conference

I have been lucky enough to be selected as the DHL supply chain scholar on the 2011 Oxford Farming conference. Having attended in 2010 I know what to expect from the conference and am really looking forward to listening to the speakers and getting an overall perspective on how they perceive the future of our industry.

I'm really passionate about the future of our industry and ensuring that support measures are put in place to actively encourage young people to want to enter the farming sector and be able to survive. Therefore on behalf of the 23,000 young farmers members I represent as the chairman for agriculture I am hoping to ask Caroline Spelman MP a question. I'm hoping that I get more of an answer to my question than what I did from Hilary Benn MP at the 2010 NFU conference!!!

We know that the European commissioner supports the plight of young farmers, having held various meetings over the last year or so, however when the time for talking is over and actual support measures are decided (especially with post 2013 CAP reform) can the same be said for our own industry and government?