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they are now fit enough... - Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary

News from John and Phil Riley in Cheshire

they are now fit enough...

A big sigh of relief as the TB test was clear last week. The council inspector was happy with my records so we shouldn't see her again for a couple of years. It did feel as though she was checking up on things already covered by our farm assurance.

We are starting to fetch the silage we have just bought for the cows. It is a bit dry but well fermented so it will fill the gap until the cows go out again. We are sending seven barrens to market tomorrow as they are now fit enough and their milk is starting to tail off. Lets hope they sell well because I am in the office tomorrow paying bills and will need some money coming in soon to help with cash flow after the recent milk price drop. It was the domino effect, once one dropped the rest followed !! 


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