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All caught up. - Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary

News from John and Phil Riley in Cheshire

All caught up.

The end of a busy week. All the grass in, slurry spread and fertiliser applied. On reflection things worked out quite well. Phil managed to drop the lagoon quickly as we have our own pumping kit. I milked on my own this week so Phil could get caught up before the weekend. He is now off for a 4 day break at the caravan in Anglesea. We will catch up on Wednesday before I have my time off Thursday to Sunday, making the most of the school half term with my family.

4 cows have calved so far. A mixture of calving before due dates or slipping twins a month early. I'm sure calving will get into full flow next week. Lets hope the weather improves as it is now raining again !!       




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