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A couple of pictures from the last few days.. - .


A couple of pictures from the last few days..

We've been fairly busy over the last few days either mucking out cattle sheds, cultivating ground ready for maize, putting fertiliser or spraying.. so here's a few photos of what's been going on..



Finally a couple of 'croppy' pictures - the first is the OSR - its finally at the flower bud stage so we're having to keep a careful eye on it for signs of pollen beetle; once the buds open the pollen beetle aren't a problem but until then they will bite into the bud  to get to the pollen and damage it. There is a threshold of 15 per plant before any action is needed to control them - so far the most we've counted is 12, but luckily that number has since fallen to under 10 - still careful checking is still required over the next few days (if you look closely you can see a black spot, which is a pollen beetle between the buds)

The second is of the Fuego Spring Beans that were drilled on the 10/11th March - they're just starting to emerge and in a couple of days the tramlines will be visible and the fields should start to have a green colour too them. They received a pre emergence spray to control weeds, which has worked well as the fields all look to be nice and clean. The reason for a pre-emergence spray is because it allows a spray to be used that would also kill off the beans if they came into contact with it.


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