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Update.. at last. - .


Update.. at last.

I've finally got round to writing a post again after a busy few weeks.

To quickly bring you up to date; like everyone we really need some rain now! But last week saw the maize being drilled and the T1 spray program for the winter wheat’s completed. The maize has been drilled with two different drills this year as a trial - our Kverneland TS drill (with 3/4 of the pipes blocked off) that we use for the wheat/beans and a precision drill (also applying a starter fertiliser) so I'll keep an update of how the two methods are progressing on here.

Over the next few days the OSR will get its sclerotinia spray and the wheat’s will receive the final Nitrogen application - something we're not rushing about to get done with the dry weather and the lack of any forecast rain soon. Once that's done I've got the Young Farmers AGM in Blackpool (and then game cover drilling) to look forward too..



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