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Open Farm Sunday... - .


Open Farm Sunday...

Last Sunday was unlike any other Sunday this year.. and for a change I don't mean because of the weather - although from a farming point of view the wet and miserable weather was a welcome change. The thing that made last Sunday, 12th June, different was that it was Open Farm Sunday and because of this hundreds of farms across the country opened their gates to the public and invited them to see and learn about modern farming.

I've been interested in taking part for a couple of years, but lack of time and also livestock (they seem to be a good 'attraction') I haven't been able to. So this year I popped along to Offley Hoo (take a look at their website here) to see how it was done, here are a few pictures from the day.

Well done to Jon and all of his helpers for putting on such a good day, the weather wasn't great but there was still a steady flow of cars in and out of the car park and plenty of activities going on around the farm to keep the kids entertained and show/explain different aspects of food production and the environment.


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