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July 2011 - Posts - .


July 2011 - Posts

Where's the last month gone?!
It's been a while since my last post, no excuses, I just don't know where the times gone! So here's a first, I'm attempting this post from my phone - so we'll see how it goes.. Over the last month not alot has happened, jobs about the farm have mainly been harvest preparation. The one difference being I started my BASIS training so now have different pest, weed and disease picture plastered about in a effort to help me remember and identify them. Harvest still hasn't officially started for us, although we are getting busy baling and carting barley (and wheat!) straw from neighbours.. A process filled with learning curves this year as we are operating a bale chaser for the first time - a machine that looks alot easier to operate than it actually is! Hopefully the combine will be rolling by next week, or we might find we have wheat ready before the OSR.