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Harvest Update - .


Harvest Update

Harvest is finally underway. We managed about 2 days early in the week before being rain off, although it didn't do any harm as we'd started on wheat which wasn't quite ready really - the grain was dry enough births straw was still abit green. Once things had dried up a little we made a start on the OSR - which as featured quite heavily in previous posts to this blog! Considering the problems over the winter and into the spring it hasn't turned it too bad, not brilliant yields but better than expected in most places. We're currently cutting the final 30ha, so hopefully by Monday we'll be back onto wheat and making dent in the area left to harvest, as well as filling to barn! Unfortunetly the wheat yields are going to be lower this year due to the dry spring, but as yet we don't know how much by, fingers crossed not much.


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