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December 2007 - Posts - Diary of a forum

Diary of a forum

News, help and a few random snippets from community editor Isabel Davies

December 2007 - Posts

Could it be you?

At some point today it is likely that we will have our 1000th new member since the forums were relaunched in mid-July. I thought it was a milestone worth mentioning - FWiSpace now has 2374 registered users and is growing by the day.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for who the 1000th member is. Sadly, there will be no prize on offer but that 'special' person will get a warm welcome!


My search for a picture

I've been casting my eyes over the FW picture files to come up with a picture for the next caption competition. I found this one of cattle judging - which has made us laugh - but I've ruled it out because I suspect we would only get one answer...


Some farmyard fun

Here's is my latest find. Hope you enjoy the embedded video:



Are you a perfect man or woman?

This blog is so I can keep you all updated with any developments in FWiSpace. But every now and then I like to use it to post something funny that someone has sent to me.

FW's Scotland correspondent Carol has just forwarded this attachment which made me laugh. It is sexist in both directions! Big Smile

NOTE: The attachment is in the small print underneath this post. Third line down