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April 2008 - Posts - Diary of a forum

Diary of a forum

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April 2008 - Posts

How old is the oldest farm bookkeeper?

I went to a christening over the weekend and was introduced to the baby's great grandmother who is still doing the farm's bookkeeping at the grand old age of 89.

I won't name her (as when we suggested writing an article on her she told me a very firm 'no'! ). But I wondered can anyone beat this?

NFU starts blogging

I've said before elsewhere I think that blogging is finally catching on in the world of farming. Well - now I have the proof. The NFU has just started a blog area on its website which it is referring to as its farmyard bloggers.

They aren't using a blogging platform - but you can leave comments. And what is more - they are running a blogroll of other farmer bloggers. Of course this prompted and email from me and as a result they have kindly included a link to everyone's blogs here.

Progress on the date settings

I know that the US-style date settings on posts and photos have been pretty annoying (except for Kansasfarmer!)

But I'm pleased to say that we've have at long last managed to change the settings so if you come in as a guest then you will find the UK version. If you are already a member - or if you sign up - you need to choose how to display the date in edit profile. Here are some instructions if you need help.


A victory for Melton Mowbray pork pies

I worked in Melton Mowbray for three years in an office just metres away from Dickinson and Morris' Ye Olde Porke Pie Shoppe. So I'm delighted by the news that the area has won their battle to get protected status for their pork pies.

It was a travesty that people were ever allowed to sell those nasty pink, bounce-them-on-the floor-and-they-won't-even-crack pies as a Melton Mowbray pork pie. Anyone who has eaten the genuine article knows that the meat in a real MM pie is grey, the pastry hand-raised and the jelly is genuinely tasty. There is just no comparison.

When I was interviewed for my job in Melton I recall having to attend a buffet lunch with all the other candidates invited back for second interview. I seem to remember there were three or four of us and, of course, there was some pork pie on the table. Obviously, I ate some - if there's food around I eat it. None of the other candidates touched it. I'm still convinced that my decision to eat a bit of said pork pie, and comment on how good it was, is what got me the job.

A mobile phone with big enough buttons

Farmers are always complaining (well the ones I know are!) about mobile phones being too small and delicate for their needs. So how about this one:


Apparently despite being 3ft high it is a fully functioning mobile.

This bloke may have too much time on his hands.