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How to get more people reading your blog?
As promised yesterday we had a meeting today to discuss ways we can help you with your blogs. There's some stuff we can do and other bits that you will need to do (but we can guide you through it). There are already a few bits and pieces which have...
Change the look of your blog (and you don't have to have your own photo!)
The man that looks like a duck has produced some great instructions about how to change the look of your blog (if you feel so inclined). Why not have a play? It really is very easy. If you haven't got your own blog, but would like one, let me know...
Names are being rediscovered!
We've helped reunite a couple of people with their missing log-on names and it seems to be a fairly painless process. If you are one of the people affected then please get in touch with me at Nice to see that some of you are...