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The Dentist
Reared back up in jerky chair, feet back on the floor, Blood runs back into me toes, me bulging eyes back in once more. This is a copy of a letter/email to a friend of mine down the road who is recovering at home from a serious operation. Dear John, As...
I had a Good Old Bike (early 1950's)
The brakes were none existent, and rims they had a dent, And wobbled as I rode it, and the wheels they were bent. When ever cattle were move up the road to another field, or when they were first turned out in spring, the younger stock always broke into...
Pig Stopping Days are Over? not now.
Find it hard to go up stairs, the misses she's the same, Fourteen steps long and steep, were both getting lame, Many of you older reader of this blog will know what its like when your knees start to bow out and they get very painful (it's when...