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Cattle out wintering
It looks like the beginning of a two week cold snap; the cattle seem to have grown a longer woolly coat almost over night, and its still only third week in November. In general the stock has grown well through the summer and with a reasonable quality...
Computers Read the Lot
The moneys gone to Euros, bank rate measures that, Information all in plastic, and its in your wallet sat, Converted into bar codes, so computers read the lot, Nothing ever private now, they know all of what you've got. Were in a plastic (card) revolution...
Forms to Fill to Farm
Clear your desk of backlogs, pay us up to date, Let us get on with work, which is inside our own gate. Forms get ever longer and more complicated and more and thicker booklets to explain how to proceed, all in thicker almost glossy paper. The offices...
Numbers Galore
Car numbers and engine numbers and chassis numbers too, Model numbers part numbers, colour codes pursue. House numbers street numbers, area post codes an all, All across the country, codes for counties large and small, Does anyone still have one of these...