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Under achievement of output big style
I read the Farmers Weekly, ov read it all me life, Read it in the good times, and read it through the strife, In its words and pictures, brings us all the news, Tells us of our leaders, n' tells us of their views. This farm could double its output...
The June Returns 1961
First year farming in my own right 1961 Out to daytime pastures, to distant fields to graze, Back again for milking on long fine summer days, Just dug out an old diary from just fifty years ago, and on looking at the page where I recorded the June Returns...
I had a Good Old Bike (early 1950's)
The brakes were none existent, and rims they had a dent, And wobbled as I rode it, and the wheels they were bent. When ever cattle were move up the road to another field, or when they were first turned out in spring, the younger stock always broke into...