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I'm Not an Educated Chap
I am not an educated chap, I have difficulty stringing words together to write down, let alone sepllign them correctly, so I find the spell checker on the computer an absolute must. These blogs of mine on the FWI were the first writing I have done, since...
Farmers Skills know no Bounds
Old nuts and bolts of any size, they build up in the shed, But finding one the right size, too thick too short the thread, Over the years you pick up most skills needed to run the maintenance of your farm, the obvious one is laying concrete, and brick...
We Had a Woodwork Teacher called him "Bulldog" Leese
If he could not get class attention, throw a chisel hard, Hit the back wall cupboard, like a dagger stuck and jarred. All the class it stood and quivered dare not cross his path, The respect was thrust upon you, dare not stir his wrath, After our formative...