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Holocaust Memorial Day

Sunday the 27th of January is holocaust memorial day and I would like to take a little time to mark it with the story of Jane Haining.

My mother is from a farm near the small village of Dunscore in Dumfrieshire. The farms remain in the hands my Uncle and his sons. My Grandfather Grandmother and Mother knew the Haining family.

Jane Haining worked in the Scottish Mission  to the Jews in Budapest. Over 400 children attended it for the excellent education it provided. When WW2 broke out she was safe in Scotland but returned to Hungary to help the Jewish Children. This is what she said about some of them.'We have one nice little mite who is an orphan and is coming to school for the first time. She seems to be a lonely wee soul and needs lots of love. We shall see what we can do to make life a little happier for her.'  and 'We have one new little six-year-old, an orphan without a mother or a father. She is such a pathetic wee soul to look at and I fear, poor lamb, has not been in too good surroundings before she came to us .. she certainly does look as though she needs heaps and heaps of love.' 

In 1944 she was again ordered to leave as the *** had invaded Hungary, her response was 'If these children need me in the days of sunshine', she said, 'how much more do they need me in the days of darkness?

She was gassed in Auschwitz on August 16th 1944 at the age of 47.

Among the memorials to her is plaque on the wall of Dunscore church. The church where I was baptised.

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flash jacques said:


Nice reminder.

I am reading a book by a man I met a few years ago. He was sent to Auschwitz and then Buchenwald after being captured whilst working for the resistance. Quite a sobering experience, he had left his number 185950 on his forearm and after the war was one of the first people in France to instigate twinning with Germany.

Long live humanity.


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