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It is dry so now we move to spring/summer work routine, longer days mean more gets done and boy does it need to. We have 400 ewes to lamb 40 cows to calve and 100 acres to sow not much individually but enough when your time is split to convince you you will never finish anything. Our first lamb arrived today, its only a month early so I should not be too surprised there always seems to be one. No calves yet but some cows look not  too far off. There are some heifers which can easily fool me as they never look ready but just produce something rat sized and then flee to the far end of the farm in terror at the prospect of motherhood. Then  they seem overcome with remorse and sit on the calf when reunited, sucklers are very bad for my sanity at times.

Ploughing has been made a bit easier with the purchase of a certain bargain supermarkets 1/2in drive impact socket. I expected poor quality but have been pleasantly surprised, it is so good no 3 son (12) is willing to change all the plough parts. The plough which cost me £450 seven years ago and arrived as a very unpromising collection of parts on two pallets has cost about £375 a year in wear parts since. I know ploughing is expensive compared to min til but at those figures I will take a bit more convincing to change to it. Last year we tried a 3m Simba express and 180hp was not enough to shift it let alone get the required speed for soil mixing but it was a good system when 220hp was in front of it and much faster than ploughing. I will wait until they are out of fashion and buy one for the next tractor upgrade.

On the family front the last of no5s paperwork has come through and she now has both a citizen certificate and a passport. Only about £1000 for that lot due to more fees for documents and fees. Parenthood is expensive but adoptive parenthood is extortionate with the main money grabber our glorious government.


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